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Every detective needs their notepad, even tiny space detectives!

Make the right call, use AU Detective to narrow down those pesky imposters.

*Note* this app does not connect to Among Us in any way and is not intended for cheating / hacking.

Get Among Us here: https://innersloth.itch.io/among-us give them your support!

Space Theme font - Milosz3107

Maps created by Samurai-Pipotchi



  • Left click the colours to cycle between Imposter and Crewmember
  • Right click  the colours to "kill" a player - can be used to remove colours that aren't playing
  • Middle click the colours to "reset" them



  • Sometimes the game won't run after clicking the exe 
    FIX: Right click AUDetective.exe and run as administrator
  • The .exe file (or other files) are missing
    FIX: check your antivirus or firewall and allow  AUDetective.exe (you may have to redownload the .zip file) or download the setup.exe



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AUDetective_v0.4_setup.exe 16 MB
AUDetective v0.4.zip 20 MB

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this is quite useful thank you


i can easily Outsmart crewmates


(1 edit) (+1)

i'm a good detective already, it's just that crewmates are dumb


this is so helpful 5/5 (also not virus xd) i got windows defender msg too


is it virus

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So for everyone getting a virus alarm from the app when you try to download the setup file...well...download the zip file 

it's a false-positive
this app is not a trojan or something like that


Windows defender blocked it because was virus.

This is a known issue with the .zip version, try using the setup.exe. I can assure you this isn't a virus 😊

I did use setup.exe. and said it was a virus.

Try adding it as axclusion on your device and you should be able to run it: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/add-an-exclusion-to-windows-security...


I now got it best impostor finder for among us yet. :)

same thing mine said and this ant this first thing from this site said it


I don't know man seems kinda sus-(jk jk lmao)

most sus thing I ever heard but sure


For me there is no color for dark blue, however there is a pink, purple, and lighter purple. I don't think I'm color blind, just thought id give you a heads up since I really like the app you made. Cheers


That's really strange, it should be the second colour on the list. But it could be a bug, I'll look into it. I'm glad you enjoy the app! :)

New to itch.io, but I found out I can send images, so here's what my end looks like. Hopefully this helps, as in id love to use this more often. Also just in case, does that look blue to you, or are you color blind at all? Just wondering, hopefully asking that doesnt come off as rude

Deleted 315 days ago

Hey @2pfs, I uploaded a new version of the app (v0.4) that will *hopefully* fill the problem with the colours. 


lol imagine you are in an among us game and you say 'magenta did it' 'there isn't a magenta' 'I mean Blue' 'aight they sus vote them'

mmhh the crime say's this is good

Heya! Thanks for checking out the app. :)

Is there anyway to keep the app open during my game or do I have to alt-tab to it.

Heya kwelxd, there isn't a way to currently keep it open above Among us. But I'll look into it :D thanks for the suggestion.

if you had a second screen you could put it there I think

That could work also Axicongamer! But for those that don't have a second screen - I just released a way to pin the app window to stay above your game! :D

that's great

small issue where there is nothing in the zip folder....might wanna fix that

This might be due to your firewall / security software. If not, I'll have a look into the problem :)

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Hey Potato_ManA, I just updated the .zip but also uploaded an installer. Let me know if that helps :D

yeah its all working now thank you :) only one of these i could find haha so thanks again :D