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Subject #44 is a top down puzzle stealth game where you play as a monkey who is trying to escape an evil research facility. 

Due to the experiments that you have been subject to you are now have an enhanced reaction to bananas which allow you to enter banananananana mode and perform banana takedowns. 

To progress through each part of the facility you need to find keycards, monkey meds and security codes to open locked doors and hack computers. 

You will also be faced with the moral dilemma of whether or not to save your fellow monkey kin during your own escape. 

Will you be their hero?

Developed by The Killer Monkeys

  • Alex Ryan - 3D Environment Models, Level Design and Story/Dialogue.
  • Buddy Basha - 2D Character Sprites and Animation.
  • Erin Hall - 3D Environment Models, Level Design, Textures/Assets and Stealth Mechanic.
  • Jai Gaddes - Inventory System, Menu System, Enemy AI and Saving Mechanic.
  • Jarrah Holt - Player Controller, Enemy AI, Stealth Mechanic and Level Design.
  • Victoria Crittle - Textures/Assets, Story/Dialogue and Audio.


Subject44.zip 81 MB

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